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720 Fillmore Street , Suite B020
Alexandria MN 56308
Phone: 320-762-2868 

1910 Aga Drive
Alexandria MN 56308

Lakes Area Recreation
Lakes Area Gymnastics
Youth Horseshoe League
Location: Curtis Felt Memorial Park Horseshoe Courts

Here is a new opportunity to play an old game! Try your "luck" at horseshoes! The season will start off with instruction and orientation to the sport at the first session. Learn different ways to hold and throw a horseshoe, different ways to score, NHPA rules and proper tournament etiquette. 

Round robin style of singles play will be followed by an end of season tournament on August 19th with awards to follow.

Information will be provided to participants about area tournaments, and the MN State Tournament on August 31st, 2019.

Bruce Swenson, a 12 year NHPA member and tournament pitcher. 
Janet Larson, a 19 year NHPA member and 7 time MN State Champion. 

Youth Horseshoe League- 2019 Season

June 10th- August 19th
6:30 - 8 pm
Fee: $20