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Lakes Area Recreation
Lakes Area Gymnastics
Youth Tennis
Location: Alexandria Area High School Area Tennis Courts

Lakes Area Recreation in collaboration with the Tennis Association is offering tennis instruction for all levels of ability. The sessions will be skill based instruction, meaning the teaching will include basic fundamentals of tennis with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Age appropriate tennis racquets will be available for use or players may bring their own. Participants MUST wear tennis shoes (No sandals). 

Should inclement weather force a cancellation of a session, a make-up session will be scheduled on the Friday of the affected week. 

Come and enjoy the experience of playing tennis!

Youth Tennis- 2019 Season

Session I: 
June 10-13, 17-20
Session II: 
July 8-11, 15-18
Youth Tennis Levels: 

Rally Kids
45 minute lessons
The introductory tennis program is for children 5-7. Class Emphasis will be on having fun and learning basic tennis skills and rules through non-competitive games and play. 

55 minute lessons
This session is for youth ages 8 and up who have little or no tennis experience. The focus will be on basic grips, forehand, backhand, volley, movement skills and some tennis rules and game play. As students progress and improve on their basic skills, we will add additional activities including game scoring and singles play. Students will have the opportunity to develop at their own pace. 

55 minute lessons
This phase of the program is a more in-depth program for players 10 and older who have some experience, and who possess a keen interest in tennis along with a strong movement physical skills. The player will have the opportunity to develop at their own pace through advanced drills, demonstrations, and individual play. This part of the program will include serving, overheads, the volley, and some strategy of playing points. 

55 minute lessons 
This phase of the program is for players who desire a more competitive experience. Each daily session will include skill development and non-elimination play, either singles or doubles. Some strategies for both singles and doubles will be included. 

Advanced Play
55 minute lessons
Receive help with skill of choice. Singles and doubles competition. 

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Alexandria Area Tennis Association offers events and jamborees for youth, adult and families! 

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