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720 Fillmore Street , Suite B020
Alexandria MN 56308
Phone: 320-762-2868 
Hotline: 320-762-3010 
Lakes Area Gymnastics
1910 Aga Drive
Alexandria MN 56308

Lakes Area Recreation
2018 Summer Swimming Lessons

Session 1 - June 11th - 21st, 2018
            Days                                         Time                                 Levels Offered                     
Mondays-Thursdays                    1:00-1:45p.m.                            Miltona                   
Mondays-Thursdays                    2:00-2:45p.m.                            Carlos/Miltona                       
Mondays-Thursdays                    3:00-3:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3                      
Mondays-Thursdays                    4:00-4:45p.m.                            PS2, B1, B2, I3, I4                 
Mondays-Thursdays                    5:00-5:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3, A5               
Mondays-Thursdays                    6:00-6:45p.m.                            PS2, B1, B2, I3, A6               
Mondays-Thursdays​                    7:00-7:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3, I4               

Session 2 - June 25th - July 6th, 2018
            Days                                         Time                                 Levels Offered                     
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   1:00-1:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3    
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   2:00-2:45p.m.                            PS2, B1, B2, I3
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   3:00-3:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3, I4
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   4:00-4:45p.m.                            PS2, B1, B2, I3, A5
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   5:00-5:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3, A6
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   6:00-6:45p.m.                            PS2, B1, B2, I3, I4
Mon-Thurs/M,T,TH,F                   7:00-7:45p.m.                            PS1, B1, B2, I3, A5

Session 3 - July 9th - 19th, 2018
            Days                                        Time                                 Levels Offered
Mondays-Thursdays                    1:00-1:45p.m.                           PS2, B1, B2, I3, I4
Mondays-Thursdays                    2:00-2:45p.m.                           PS1, B1, B2, I3
Mondays-Thursdays                    3:00-3:45p.m.                           PS2, B1, B2, I3, I4
Mondays-Thursdays                    4:00-4:45p.m.                           PS1, B1, B2, I3, A5
Mondays-Thursdays                    5:00-5:45p.m.                           PS2, B1, B2, I3
Mondays-Thursdays                    6:00-6:45p.m.                           PS1, B1, B2, I3, I4
Mondays-Thursdays                    7:00-7:45p.m.                           PS2, B1, B2, I3 A6

Maple Lake Swimming Lessons 2018
(held at the public beach on Maple Lake in Forada)
July 23rd - August 3rd, 2018

For more information or to register, please contact: 
Lorrine Mettler - (320)815-0482
Activity viewing opens: Friday, May 11th
Online registration opens: Friday, May 18th
In-person/Phone registration opens: Monday, May 21st
(Levels offered may change prior to May 18th!)