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Lakes Area Recreation
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Swimming Lesson Policies & Information
The swim lessons offered through Lakes Area Recreation are designed to teach participants lifelong swimming skills and provide training in basic water safety and how to help a swimmer in distress. In addition to the skills outlined under each level, swim lesson courses are intended to provide a positive learning experience so participants can feel comfortable and enjoy the water safely.

Level Placement
Level placement is critical and key to your swimmer's success in any given level! Swimmers should be placed in a level that fits not only their swimming ability, but also their level of comfort with the water. Instructors will utilize the first day of lessons for skill level assessment, HOWEVER; all efforts to properly place swimmers in an appropriate level should be done prior to, or at, registration. 

Lakes Area Recreation may not have the ability to move swimmers to a different level, as a more appropriate class may be full or offered at a different time or date. 
Lakes Area Recreation keeps track of level placement year to year - if you are unsure of your child's placement, please call the LAR office and speak with the Aquatics Director.

A Note About Your Child's Class Placement:
Please understand that all children acquire skills at different rates. Age is often a convenient marker used to understand and measure motor skill development, however; an increase in age does not automatically result in improvement or acquisition of a skill. Differences in body size, knowledge, skills, learning styles, personalities, and experiences all affect individual skill development. It should be expected a child will repeat any given level several times before fully mastering all skills required at that level. 
Age prerequisites for PS1, PS2 and B1 are still in place and enforced.
Lakes Area Recreation swimming lessons are progressive, with each level building on skills, technique and endurance acquired as the levels advance. Mastery and completion of ALL skills is required in order to advance on to the next level - no exceptions!

Swim Lesson Policies

* There are no makeup lessons.

* Minimum enrollment for each class is three (3) students. Classes may be cancelled or combined due to low enrollment. Lakes Area Recreation reserves the right to make program and schedule changes, or to cancel a class with an insufficient amount of participants registered.

* All fees are nonrefundable except in the case of illness documented by a physician or cancellation by Lakes Area Recreation. A transaction fee of $2 will be assessed for transfers to other sessions or class times that are not the result of a decision made by Lakes Area Recreation staff.

* Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at any time during the course of lessons - the Aquatics Manager and swim lesson staff are available before and after lessons for questions and comments.