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720 Fillmore Street , Suite B020
Alexandria MN 56308
Phone: 320-762-2868 

1910 Aga Drive
Alexandria MN 56308

Lakes Area Recreation
Lakes Area Gymnastics
About Lakes Area Recreation
Lakes Area Recreation was formed in 1989 as a non-profit joint powers organization comprised of four entities, School District #206, City of Alexandria, Alexandria Township and the LaGrand Township. The board that oversees the Lakes Area Recreation is made up of two representatives from each of the four entities. Another sixteen surrounding cities and townships voluntarily contribute to Lakes Area Recreation. Approximately 30% of the budget is received from public funding and the other 70% of the budget is received through user fees and grants.

Located in the Douglas County Services Center at 720 Fillmore Street in Alexandria, Lakes Area Recreation provides opportunities for activities such as swimming, weightlifting, cardiovascular fitness, aerobics, gymnastics, youth camps and a wide variety of sports for youth and adults. Facilities at Lakes Area Recreation include a cardio room, weight room, gymnasium, gymnastics center, locker rooms and a multipurpose room.

The continued success of Lakes Area Recreation is due to the increase in enrollment in its programs, as well as the shared commitment from the City of Alexandria, School District 206, LaGrand Township and Alexandria Township. Youth programs continue to grow, with more than 9,600 registrations for 27 different programs, which include baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, tennis, swimming and other sports.

To provide affordable and relevant recreation and the foundation for good life-long activity habits and knowledge to all residents of the region regardless of skill levels, socio-economic background, and interests.
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Lakes Area Recreation logo is created by Marissa Wendt.  
"The abstract logo's purpose is to display community, it is shown in a circular shape to represent a whole.  The shape is made out of two waves that represent two community members coming together for a positive interaction...Darker blue and lighter orange to show contrast, which can represent that the different people in the community can still work together in your program."